Drainage Pond Maintenance

5319 Bull Run, Austin

CLOSED #24-00131386

Vegetation Maintenance - Close SR. Class: SR Created By: MORGANJ Log Type: VEG_MAINTENANCE Summary: Pond Flag #583 Details POND FLAG #583:This pond is on a 4x maintenance schedule and was last maintained in January. It is on the schedule for April; however, it has not yet been maintained by the contractor. I sent an email to the contractor letting them know there was a service request made for this pond and asking when their anticipated maintenance will occur.

5319 Bull Run, Austin
30.42094559, -97.74136076
Additional Details
What kind of pond are you reporting? City-Owned
What type of issue are you reporting? Vegetation Needs Cutting
Is your concern related to homelessness activity? No
Would you like a callback from Watershed Protection regarding this issue? No


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