Drainage Pond Maintenance

6208 Aviary Cv, Austin

CLOSED #24-00133251

Vegetation Maintenance - Close SR. Class: SR Created By: MORGANJ Log Type: VEG_MAINTENANCE Summary: Pond Flag #92 Details POND FLAG #92: This pond was recently added to our Wildflower Meadow Program. It is scheduled for maintenance 3 annually: November, February, and August. It was last maintained on January 18, 2024. Ponds in our Wildflower Meadow program do not receive maintenance between February and August to allow the wildflowers to bloom and go to seed. An investigation will be conducted within the next week to determine if there are wildflowers growing in the pond. If there are none, we may have the contractor maintain it before August.

6208 Aviary Cv, Austin
30.18394417, -97.74540373
Additional Details
What kind of pond are you reporting? City-Owned
What type of issue are you reporting? Vegetation Needs Cutting
Is your concern related to homelessness activity? No
Would you like a callback from Watershed Protection regarding this issue? Yes
What is your preferred language for callback? English


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