Drainage Pond Maintenance

Lou John St & William Kennedy Dr, Austin

CLOSED #24-00139566

No Work Planned - No Problem Found - Close SR. Class: SR Created By: ELSEYW Log Type: NO_PROBLEMFOUND Summary: Gates/Locks Details Crew Lead Edward Alvarez went to location 04/25/2024 and ensured that gates were closed, locks were in place and secure at this time.

Lou John St & William Kennedy Dr, Austin
30.43222135, -97.69413271
Additional Details
What kind of pond are you reporting? City-Owned
What type of issue are you reporting? Fence Repair Needed
Is your concern related to homelessness activity? Yes
Are people accumulating encampment materials such as tents, makeshift lodging, blankets, etc? Yes
Are people sleeping in the area? Yes
Are people performing activities related to personal hygiene? (bathing, defecating): Yes
Would you like a callback from Watershed Protection regarding this issue? No


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