Drainage Pond Maintenance

6312 Clairmont Dr, Austin

CLOSED #24-00170847

Vegetation Maintenance - Close SR. Class: SR Created By: MORGANJ Log Type: VEG_MAINTENANCE Summary: Pond Flag #302 Details POND FLAG #302:This is a wildflower meadow pond that is maintained 2x annually in February and August. It was last maintained on 2/5/24. Prior to that it was maintained in August 2023. Maintenance does not occur during the Spring and Summer months to allow the wildflowers to go to seed. The area behind the mailboxes on Clairmont drive is not part of the VCP for the pond. This area is maintained by PARD. I will forward this request to PARD. Update:Spoke with Nate Thayer at PARD this morning and I shared the photo the customer attached to the service request. He said that area is actually outside of the mowing area around the mailboxes and is part of the greenbelt and is not maintained. It's an open space. Nate could not access the service request so I am closing it. - Juliet Morgan 5/20/24.

This retention pond has NOT been cleared and is completely blocked. This request has been open for almost a year. It was recently closed as cleared and it is not.
6312 Clairmont Dr, Austin
30.21586168439244, -97.87597011149016
Additional Details
What kind of pond are you reporting? City-Owned
What type of issue are you reporting? Vegetation Needs Cutting
Is your concern related to homelessness activity? No
Would you like a callback from Watershed Protection regarding this issue? Yes
What is your preferred language for callback? English


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