Water Conservation Violation

7622 Apogee Blvd, Austin

CLOSED #24-00177593

Postcard Sent - Close SR. Postcard sent to customer.

Easton Park - Skyline Park - misting, runoff and other water waste. Typically waters around 7pm
7622 Apogee Blvd, Austin
30.151993986026095, -97.71497625857592
Additional Details
What kind of water conservation violation are you reporting? Irrigation Violation
What type of irrigation? Automatic Sprinkler
What kind of irrigation/sprinkler system violation? Misting, Runoff (50 ft or into sewer), Sprinkler Misalignment, Watering On The Wrong Day
What kind of property are you reporting? Commercial Property
What date was this witnessed? May 17, 2024
What time was this witnessed: 7:15 PM


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