Wildlife Exposure

903 W 12th St, Austin

CLOSED #24-00250793

Completed - Close SR. Act#:A24-198081, Results:THUNDERCLOUD SUBS bat on ground outside doors 1 MADE CONTACT 1 IMPOUND 1 REPORT TAKEN.

903 W 12th St, Austin
30.27644066, -97.75041095
Additional Details
What kind of animal: Bat
How high up is the bat? 10 ft High or Lower
How many bats are there? 1
Is the bat dead? No
Has there been any contact or potential contact with a human or domestic pet? Unknown Contact
Is the wildlife indoors or outdoors? Outdoor
Was the domestic pet contained in the same location where wildlife was seen? No
What type of property is the wildlife on? Outside a Business
Is there heavy pedestrian traffic where the wildlife is? Yes
Is the animal in immediate danger of injury or death? Unknown
When are you reporting this issue? Normal Hours 7:00AM - 4:00PM


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